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The Inspiration

The labor achieved in this cigar is not the product of coincidence or a whim; it’s the consequence of the experience, passion, care and attention to detail of its owner and producer, Christian Del Rosario De La Rocha, without a doubt an enthusiast and avid smoker of many years. He was a cofounder since the conception, development, fabrication and launch of another cigar brand and is putting all his experience and knowledge together with renowned master blender Chico Rivas and the palate of a select panel of experienced and demanding smokers to bring us the product we now have: CDR Cigars.

I discovered that the cigarette smoker is a slave of his vice, while the cigar smoker owns his pleasure

The passion and love of cigars flourished when Christian Del Rosario De La Rocha was a young Second Lieutenant with the Dominican Army and was assigned to help the National Institute of Tobacco to combat forgery and falsification of cigars within the Dominican Republic, in order to help preserve the industry and consolidate the nomenclature of Dominican premium tobacco.

As a result, he was awed by the craftsmanship, effort and hard work of everyone in the industry, where real artisans put their all to create works of art for the pleasure and enjoyment of the whole world and prides himself for making a cigar that is 100% Dominican, with all wrappers, binders and fillers grown locally in the best tobacco fields in the country, and the world.

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